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In this intro video we take a before look at an older 14ft starcraft aluminum vhull fishing boat tha. I stripped the paint off and drilled each area to get back to clean, thicker metal. Diy repairing a hole or crack in an aluminum boat super. Its not at all like doing simple backyard fiberglass repair, because the constant exposure to water is likely to result in delamination if the glass work isnt just so. Repairing aluminum with epoxy is costeffective and easy.

Leave the repaired area to cool off thoroughly and to cure. Aluminum boat repair kit with west system gflex epoxy. Vanfastic aluminum trailer body patch panel, 12 in. Using west system gflex 650 epoxy, you can repair your damaged aluminium boat and restore its original functional and aesthetic quality. Aluminium naturally develops a hard outer coating that protects itself against corrosion oxide layer. I did a little research on boat repairs and found that many suggested a patch rivet approach to hull repairs and others, fiberglass. Since the melting point is 500 degrees lower than the surface of an aluminum boat, many repairs can be made quickly and easily and even holes can be filled because of the rods antidrip properties. Suitable for all types of aluminum boats including pontoons and jon boats, all you need is a propane torch.

Each kit contains 8 ounces of gflex 650 toughened epoxy, adhesive filler, application syringes, mixing pots and reusable mixing sticks and protective gloves. How to repair a hole in aluminum siding gone outdoors. How to patch holes in an aluminium boat using epoxy epoxycraft. They patched together the broken statues with glue and plaster. Visit for more information on repairing aluminum boats including patching holes, sealing leaky rivets, replacing transoms, attaching gear, replacing floors and more. I have been suffering after having purchased a used starcraft aluminum boat. Fix leaking rivets in an aluminum boat epoxyworks gflex 650.

Jan 24, 2017 the patch held fine until the boat was pulled later that day. Electrolysis damage repair on aluminum boat design net. The delegates will be forced to patch up their differences. In this video, an aluminum boat with a separated seam is repaired quickly and easily, using super alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch. Welding aluminum is a task best left to the professionals. Checkout videos of aluminum crack repair, hole repair, thread repair and aluminum ear repair. Repairing a tear break in aluminum hull indepth outdoors.

Fix leaking rivets in aluminum boats with gflex 650. Feb 26, 2008 beached the transom of our 12 aluminum boat and come to find out, one of those aluminum puttys we used to patch a hole in the floor had come off granted, it lasted about 10 years or so. Mix it, apply it, and cure it underwatereven underway. Its quite difficult to do a perfect patch job this way, and when its below the waterline, only perfect will do. Make the patch for the patch, we cut a single piece of 745 10 oz episize glass fabric for the outside and three pieces in diminishing sizes for the inside. Patch holes in aluminum boats with west system gflex epoxy by randy zajac and rob monroe when we started testing gflex epoxy as a solution to leaky seams and rivets in aluminum boats, we put out a companywide call for test boats. How to repair aluminum boat seams, tears, and holes with.

Patch holes in aluminum boats with gflex epoxy epoxyworks. How to plug screw holes below the waterline in a boat. Jul 17, 2017 weld the patch onto the aluminum with a propane torch. Collisions with underwater obstructions, beaching boats, and years of pounding waves are the likely causes of loose or missing rivets, widening of seams, and hairline cracks and tears. It turned out that we ended up putting 268 rivets in the old boat. To fix an aluminum boat with gflex 650 epoxy, the first step is to find the leaks. We then set the hull aluminum to hold the rivets without spinning and then peened the new rivets.

Its the fast, easy way to repair leaking rivets, cracks, seams, and holes in your aluminum boat. How to fix a hole on a fiberglass boat complete diy guide. Solid blind pop rivets for aluminum hull repair this old. We were 30 minutes from home, so a little duct tape slowed the leak long enough to fish all day. This versatile 2part epoxy repair putty fills voids, patches holes, and seals leaks on aluminum, fiberglass, wood, steel, and even concrete for impact and abrasionresistant repairs. Ive used jb weld to patch holes in aluminum several times over the years and it has done very good. Repairs leaks in aluminum boats this fusion bondage epoxy will repair and waterproof aluminum boat rivets, minor cracks and small holes without welding easy to apply. Visit for more information on repairing aluminum boats including patching holes, sealing leaky rivets, replacing transoms, attaching gear, replacing floors and more fix leaking rivets with the 650k aluminum boat repair kit finding the leaks. Patching old screw holes in aluminum hull the united.

I think the corrosion was caused by a screw getting under the flooring. Over time, rivets and seams develop leaks, cracks or even holes. I waited about 24hrs before launching and never had an issue going on 3 years now. Continue melting the metal and blending the patch together with the surface of the aluminum until the hole is repaired. It lets you make repairs without hauling out first because it can be applied underwater to patch, fill, and seal leaks in aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and steel hulls. Sand the repaired area with sandpaper, starting with.

Diy repairing a hole or crack in an aluminum boat super easy. An upcoming boat restoration customization project. Most existing repair products are tedious and time consuming. I took the boat to a local shop to get an estimate and it is way too expensive. There is a fiberglass repair kit on amazon called west system 105k fiberglass boat repair kit that is great for repairing cracks, scraps, gelcoat blisters, loose hardware, damaged keels and smaller holes under 1. I you have a hole, crack or leaky rivet it is super easy to fix on your own with a small propane torch and some hts73511 rods. The seam that runs down this aluminum boat has separated and is leaking badly.

In my xpress i put 5200 in the old holes and put the screw back in the hole. How to fix a hole in an aluminum boat quick patch youtube. Patching old screw holes in aluminum hull the united states. During my first year i noticed the pin holes and corrosion.

If theyre too small, the rivets wont go all the way through the patch and into the pontoon. Aluminum brazing rods are made with aluminum combined with zinc and melt at a much lower temperature than straight aluminum, making it easy to melt the rod and fill in and patch cast aluminum parts. If you cant afford to do that, small holes in an aluminum boat can be fixed with epoxy putty. Visbella half hour quick fix diy alloy wheel repair adhesive kit rim surface damage car auto rim dent scratch care. To mend, repair, or put together, especially hastily, clumsily, or poorly. A common problem affecting aluminum boats are leaks. This technique is great if you dont have the option to tig weld a. To make repairing your aluminum boat easier, west system offers an aluminum boat repair kit that includes many of the materials needed for small to medium sized repairs. Although the surface isnt impervious to scratches, dents and holes, you can repair small and moderate damage instead of replacing whole panels. All you need is a standard torch and fine sandpaper or a wire brush. Kit includes easy to follow instructions, two sticks of epoxy enough for 25 repairs and a stainless steel brush for surface preparation. Use caution when drilling the holes to avoid disturbing any of the contours in the aluminum patch. I get lots of calls about leaking aluminum pontoon boats and rivet hulled aluminum boat leaks.

How to repair an aluminum boat hull gone outdoors your. Fixing a hole in an aluminium boat without welding youtube. I found larger rivets than the ones supplied and drilled the new holes to fit the rivets. With quick patch repair patch you simply peel it and seal it. Why not try fiberglassing over the holes on your own.

I am now left with 4 screw holes in the side of the boat which are above the water line but i want to fix them properly. Their instructions require you to coat the underside of. The size of the snap rivets will depend on the aluminum thickness of the pontoon. Weld the patch onto the aluminum with a propane torch. The kit contains gflex epoxy and hardener, 406 colloidal silica filler, application syringes, reusable mixing sticks, protective gloves and step by step instructions to. The patch looked like a piece of thin plate aluminum with the rubber patch the same size. This fusion bondage epoxy will repair and waterproof aluminum boat rivets, minor cracks and small holes without welding. I had a boat brought to me to repair and patch some cracked welds on the bottom of the hull. Aluminum siding used to be all the rage some 25 years ago, but now the more modern vinyl siding has followed in its footsteps. Heat the torch and start welding all around the edges. If you do know how to weld aluminum, the equipment is expensive to rent and not costeffective for small repairs. Oct 21, 2016 besides boat repair, the hts2000 can also repair engine blocks, radiators, fuel tanks, air conditioners, latches, brackets, rivets and many more aluminum surfaces and objects. Aluminum hullkeel repair ohio game fishing your ohio.

Then i used the aluminum repair putty and jammed it into the holes. May 16, 2007 ive used jb weld to patch holes in aluminum several times over the years and it has done very good. The owner before me had some bumper clips installed and didnt like them so he took the off and installed some other ones. Someone suggested using a two part epoxy putty sort of thing. How to use epoxy for aluminum repair it still runs. Stopper holes were drilled at the end of each tear, and the surface was prepared with the 860 aluminum etch kit.

I pulled the floor and fixed the loose rivets that spun in their holes. While many boat owners resort to temporary fixes such as epoxy, super alloy 5 is a permanent repair for aluminum boat seams. It is important to note that corrosion in aluminium boats start from the inside out, so by the time it shows itself on the outside of the boat its usually a lot worse than a pin hole and will require professional repair. Readytouse metal repair putty, dent filler and patching compound. Repair the most common problem with aluminum boats and canoes. In this video i repair a couple of holes in the transom of an aluminium boat using sikaflex, an aluminium patch and some rivets. Boat repair can be accomplished even by those with no experience. If your fiberglass repair is not too big, you can get away with buying a repair kit to fix the problem yourself. They get beached, hit things submerged in the water, and tend to be used for many years. Labmetal readytouse repair compound spreads like paste and hardens quickly into metal. The pop rivets passed through the plate and the rubber seal. Quick patch most versatile, easytouse repair patch. To make the repair, we use super alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch to seal the area that had been unsuccessfully.

I plan on prepping the areas, then using sealedclosed rivets, riveting 18 inch aluminum plates over the holes with west systems thickened gflex sandwiched between the hull and the new hull patch. Patch holes in aluminum boats with west system gflex epoxy. It comes in a handy cartridge that fits in a standard caulk gun. This stepbystep video tutorial produced by sea hawk paints will show exactly what needs to be done when patching a hole in your fiberglass boat. Post navigation fix leaking rivets in aluminum boats with gflex 650 understanding flexible properties. This video shows a technique of repairing holes in an aluminum boat which works for holes up to 14 in diameter. West system gflex 650k aluminum boat repair kit west marine. Seriously, the best way to fix a hole in an aluminum boat is to take the boat to a weld shop and let them weld it with a tig welder. So, if you have an aluminum boat and are in need of a quick and easy method for boat repair, look no further than our industrial strength, secondgeneration line of boat. Remove the boat from the water and take it to a sheltered garage or port. If you can light a torch and use a pencil you can fix your boat. Sep 09, 2010 i recently discovered a very small hole in my aluminium 3. How to repair a damaged pontoon gone outdoors your. West system gflex 650k aluminum boat repair kit west.

A oneofakind unique product, quick patch comes out of the package as pliable as a bandaid. This aluminum boat repair kit is a fast and inexpensive method to repair leaking rivets, cracks, and small holes in aluminum boats. I also made an aluminum mounting plate for the new transducer. Jul 17, 2017 fix these flaws in cast aluminum using a torch and an aluminum brazing rod. Aug 19, 2016 a major fiberglass repair, such as patching a hole, can be a daunting task. Fix leaking rivets with the 650k aluminum boat repair kit finding the leaks. Just pop the cartridge into the gun, attach the included mixing tip to the cartridge, point, pull the handle, and discard the first 34 inches of bead.

I have seen one jon boat repaired with an aluminum patch, pop rivets, and a synthetic rubber seal under the aluminum plate. Brazing stronger than welding with over 50,000 satisfied customers lifetime expert tech support and a 60 day money back guarantee. They can be formed around corners, edges, corrugations, impressed over rivets and they can even be used for roof repairs. Creating a permanent repair on damaged aluminum generally requires welding. A patch kit like this takes up very little room and can be stored almost anywhere aboard. Help with aluminum pin hole repair the united states. I can see jb weld for patching a tiny pin hole or something, but for this i would not use it. Prepare yourself with an emergency toolkit that includes totalboat underwater repair epoxy. The hts73511is a flux less rod that works like a brazing rod or soldering. Vanfastic panels may be painted to conform to an existing color.

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