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Ez form cable is an as9100d certified manufacturer of coaxial cable, coaxial cable assemblies, rf connectors, and coaxial delay lines. Pasternack carries a huge selection of microwave parts, rf parts, cables, connectors, modulators, adapters, attenuators plus much more. Mflex is a family of flexible cables able to accept. Winchester interconnect is a global leader in the design and manufacture of connectors, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and custom interconnect solutions. Note that with the exception of 7mm, all of these connectors use an air dielectric. End launch connectors dc to 110 ghz low vswr low insertion loss low rf leakage. For over 35 years, teledyne storm cables have been the designin choice of program design engineers for many mission critical applications. Standard rfmicrowave cable assemblies richardson rfpd. Microwave coaxial connectors are used to make low vswr coaxial connections, and can be used as the terminations ends of coaxial cables, installed into housings, and increasingly onto circuit cards. The most important factor in connector selection is the rf cable chosen, as this. Edge launch connector resources, including 3d models and specifications for connectors and test boards manufactured by signal microwave. Microminiature coax connector, popular in the wire industry because its small size and cheap price. Until now, traditional test methods have required timely soldering and a limited number of test ports per board.

A joint armynavy rf cable coordi nating committee anrfccc was established in the early 1940s to develop standards for rf cables, rigid. Was the first coaxial connector capable of microwave performance and was. Upper microwave and millimeterwave frequency coaxial. Southwest microwave is pleased to release the industrys first board pcb mounted 1. Radiall is highly recognized as a leading manufacturer of coaxial connectors, cable and cable assemblies. Southwest microwave offers field replaceable cable connectors, direct solder cable connectors and direct solder flange mount cable terminations. Cinch connectivity solutions has a wide range of cable assemblies and connectors suited for rf, microwave and fiber.

Rf and microwave laminates 79 printed circuit boards 1 microwave absorbing materials 25 tools and equipments surplus. Stabilityplus cable assemblies with swept rightangle connectors are designed for applications requiring a fixed and stable bend where traditional cable assemblies may be inconvenient. Mmp insertionextraction tool pn 31929 mmp contact insertionextraction tool the insertion and extraction of mmp multiport contacts from the mmp shell is a simple process that. Castle microwave cables offer high performance rf and microwave coaxial cable assemblies, connectors and adapters.

Rfmicrowave products connectors, cables and assemblies a company. Rf connectors from fairview microwave are instock and will ship the same day. Available for all cables are connectors, lightning protection components, and tools for cutting, stripping and crimping. Microwave coaxial cable connectors murata manufacturing. The times microwave systems mmp multiport connector is available with.

Rf and microwave connectors selection guide engineering360. Radio frequency rf and microwave connectors are used to connect the ends of cables in systems that operate in the radio frequency or microwave spectrum. In this blog, jim syme explains when the new longhaul microwave antennas. This product contributes to the development of smaller and thinner highly efficient communication devices, including smart phones, tablet terminals and wearable devices. Amphenol rf rf coaxial connectors, adapters and cable. Some solutions require lineofsight, such as infrared and microwave. The breadth of products available within the johnson range includes board and cable mount connectors as well as semirigid, conformable, and flexible rf coaxial cables. Microwave refers to electromagnetic energy with a frequency higher than 1 gigahertz and a wavelength shorter than 30 centimeters. Clarity series 50 ghz test cables provide industryleading performance, unparalleled value, and stock to 4week lead times. Cables, connectors, and interconnects cable assemblies are essential yet often underappreciated parts of a system design. Standard coaxial connector products, cable assemblies and custom solutions. Please check with our sales representatives or product engineers before ordering. The field mountable microwave cables and connectors are light and waterproof, built for frequencies up to 18 ghz ready for use in the defense market as well as generally in the industrial market.

Rf and microwave components rf and microwave cable. Aluminum 50 ohm cables available in both standard and low loss versions, aluminum connectors designed for semirigid cable jacketed cables offer easier bending and significant weight reduction. Amphenol rf is the worlds largest manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. For highfrequency operation, the average circumference of a coaxial cable must be limited to about one wavelength. Miniaturized microwave coaxial connector cable list. Amphenol designs and produces a range of connector and cable assembly. Unlike other single or double braided rg type flexible cables, mflex cables are true microwave cables capable of operating to frequencies of 26. Carlisle interconnect technologies performance with purpose. Providing the digital testing industrys only solderless vertical pcb launch configuration, molex s innovative precision compressionmount microwave test connectors optimize design flexibility and reduce installation time while achieving up to 65 ghz analog performance over 20 gbps. We also feature all the ancillary components needed to connect your radio equipment to the antenna interface, including rectangular and elliptical. Recently, there are more upper microwave and millimeterwave coaxial cables and connectors being used in prototype and production for military and aerospace applications, which are of a specifically designed nature to meet with the stringent reliability hirel standards associated with those industries. May 21, 2018 part 1 of this faq look at the coaxial cables used in microwave millimeter wave interconnects and cable assemblies.

Precision compressionmount microwave test connectors molex. Not all cables, connectors, and cable assemblies are the same, and knowing the differences can help secure optimum interconnection components for a particular application. These rf connectors are part of over 1 million rf, microwave and millimeter wave connector products that is instock and will ship sameday shipment from fairview. Tms distinguishes itself by designing and manufacturing the cable, the connectors, and the cableconnector junction. Types of rf and microwave coaxial connectors c onnectors are everywhere in the electronics industry, delivering power to equipment, providing signal and power pathways within that equipment, and connecting it to external devices. The longhaul microwave transformation is almost complete. Scroll down to see more on our full line of rf products. Coaxial connectors 7 mmcx coaxial connectors mechanical specifications the amphenol mmcx series is the next generation of microminiature connectors. Connectors for these uses are still largely proprietary, although some have reached more widespread use than others.

Microwave speeds of wireless solutions dont keep pace with cable solutions installation and maintenance are far more complicated and costly. These are also the standard means for getting signals into and out of various instruments and subassemblies. Lcom now stocks times microwave brand coaxial cable. Semflex has been offering a large selection of rfmicrowave cables cable assemblies and connectors since being founded in 1978. Rf and microwave components such as coaxial attenuators, adapters, cables, connectors, and terminations are available from stock here at fairview microwave. These microwave cable adapters are designed to change the gender or connector type of microwave cables and connectors. Tensolite manufactures standard and custom specified rfmicrowave cable assemblies and connectors that operate from dc to 65 ghz. In a practical microwave circuit it is frequently possible to assume that a line is.

Our rf connectors and other rf microwave products have no minimum purchase required and ship internationally. Connectors cable assemblies rf winchester interconnect. Compatible with any connector type for semirigid cables. Rf coaxial cables 68 rf coaxial cable assemblies 423 wires for coil and ferrite windings 51 teflon. Microwave coaxial cable connector to transmit high frequency signals between. Microwave coaxial cable connectors this coaxial connector transmits high frequency signals from board to board. This product can be sold in bulk raw coaxial cable form, or as fully guaranteed rf coaxial cable assemblies. Twoconductor rf microwave cables consist of inner and outer conductors separated by some form of dielectric material.

Molex delivers complete rf solutions for high frequency performance while delivering superior signal integrity, even in the most demanding environments. During the past year, commscope has shown its commitment to long haul microwaves with an update of its longhaul antennas. The unique thing about 7 mm connectors is that they are sexless. The companys latest catalog contains thousands of pasternacks products such as rf cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, attenuators, antennas, test and measurement instruments, and many other passive and active rf components, all available for sameday shipping worldwide. Rf microwave products connectors, cables and assemblies a company. Microwave coaxial cable connectors murata manufacturing co. Molex standard and custom rf coaxial connectors and cable assemblies offers a range of frequencies from dc to 65 ghz and sizes from ultramicrominiature to large rf connectors. The lmr500 coaxial cables, for example, operate at a cutoff frequency to 12. Headquartered in danbury, connecticut, usa, amphenol rf has global sales, marketing and manufacturing locations. Excellent connector selection stripflex ii sft sft highperformance microwave cables are rugged and flexible, making them ideal for interconect applications. Compatibility with other rf microwave components is achieved with universally accepted connector standards so that interconnecting coaxial modules within a system is possible and must. Microwave communication basics ebook the theory, practices, and technologies that link the wireless world microwave communication basics offers a meaningful look into the components, systems, and practices that go into an efficient, reliable microwave communications network including. The lowest vswr of any connector offered, 7 mm connectors work well up to 18 ghz. Microwave coaxial assemblies assemblies axon cable.

Precision compressionmount microwave test connectors offer a more streamlined solution with a vertical mount design for placement anywhere on the pcb, enabling more test connectors to be placed around parts being tested. Teledyne storm microwave delivers high frequency singlecable alternatives compliant with stringent environmental, mechanical, and rf performance requirements. Offering a reliable broadband performance from dc to 6 ghz. We understand that your performance is on the line, and in some cases, you only get one chance to complete your objective.

This is on purpose, so you wont mix these expensive connectors in with less precise connectors such as sma and cause them irreparable harm. The specialized insulation materials in the construction of these cables reduce abrasion and. These 50 ohm connectors incorporate the industryapproved mmcx interface, assuring reliable. For magazine subscriptions and newsletter customer service.

The extended frequency range is the result of a precision helically wrapped silver plated copper foil inner shield. Specifiers of rf and microwave coaxial cables and connectors will find a wide range of products to meet their needs, with broadband coverage extending through 110 ghz. The low density ptfe tape dielectric provides the lowest dielectric loss of any prac cal dielectric and silver plated conductors make these the ideal choice for microwave applica ons and other commercial interconnect systems. We provide you with purchase online, use your castle microwave account. Click here for times microwave systems response to covid19 introducing clarity series test cables clarity series 50 ghz test cables provide industryleading performance, unparalleled value, and stock to 4week lead times. Molex rf connector designs can accommodate standard rg braided cables, micro coax, semirigid cable, vendor specific custom cables, lmr types and hand conformable cables. Rf coaxial connectors 342 rf coaxial adapters 149 waveguide to coaxial adapters 9 coaxial cable terminators 6 dc blocks 5 coaxial fuses 1 accessories for coaxial connectors 17 cables and wires. All connectors have physical requirementssize, form factor, material used, temperature and humidity behavior. If youd like to read more, click the image below to download the free pdf. Initially developed for the demanding requirements of military applications, our microwave products include highprecision, highperformance mini connectors. Atm cables meet military specifications for milc17 and mildtl87104.

Microwave coaxial connectors this pdf catalog is downloaded from the website of murata manufacturing co. Pdf a surface mount coaxial connector for rfmicrowave. Even though the popular meme is everything is going wireless thus eliminating the need for cable assemblies, the reality is that these assemblies are critical both within circuits at either end of a wireless link, or as the only practical way to reliably transfer. Times microwave leaky feeder cables times microwave also offers leaky feeder cables in two versions. Carlisle interconnect technologies offers you not only a history of engineering expertise, but also understands that you need a partner in developing the future. To support your projects our cable assemblies are available from a range of online stock, sourcing from our suppliers and design your own custom assembly. Long appreciated for quality and service, the products in this catalog display the wide range available to choose from for next. Cabling and connectors michigan technological university. Cables and connectors for rfmicrowave applications are designed for a characteristic impedance of 50. Therefore, its specifications are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice. Introduction tensolite is your reliable resource for high performance interconnect products. Pasternack cables, coaxial cable, cable connectors.

To see the complete line of lmr cables please visit our website at in this catalog the focus is on standard lmr cables. Connectors cable assemblies rf hermetics winchester. Midwest microwave manufacturers passive coaxial microwave components that are known for their. In addition, it has adopted pin socket type connectors in the line sizes and precision type n connectors for standardization, shown in table 1. Times microwave rf and microwave cables, connectors and. This pdf catalog is downloaded from the website of murata manufacturing co. Many coaxial connector types are available in the rf and microwave industry designed for specific purposes and applications with smaller connectors that perform into the ghz and millimeter wave range. Ez form rf, microwave, and millimeterwave transmission line solutions offer proven performance for critical applications in milaero, telecommunications, medical, instrumentation, and test. Were open for business, and here to support your needs. With a broad portfolio and a wide array of sizes and configurations, molex has the solution for your cable assembly requirements. Teledyne storm microwave provides highvalue, interconnect products, subsystems, and services to electronics, communications, and instrumentation markets worldwide. Products include electronic and microwave cable assemblies, components, and test products. Times microwave lmrstyle cable offers much lower loss than standard rgtype cables, which is critical in many applications including wireless network.

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