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Get 29 scam stuff coupon codes and promo codes at couponbirds. The best book test for magicians, mentalists, mindreading, and mentalism. Awardwinning magician brian brushwood takes viewers on an inside tour of bar tricks, street cons and scams. The first involves a book of matches that reveals a. On february 15, 2011, on the diamond club feed, justin robert young revealed the new public sign for diamond club members. Six years in the making, and until now performed by only a dozen mentalists worldwide. You can read this book with ibooks on your iphone, ipad, ipod touch, or mac. Brian brushwoord book test 2 likes go to page 1 2 papa legba elite user homean unremarkable spiral arm of an insignificant galaxy 487 posts. Brian performs his bizarre magic stage act, having performed his unique brand of magic across the world. The book test was featured on jimmy fallon by nyc magician dan white. If this brushwood fellow has a book test hes selling, i believe, by all means, the methodology should be exposed. If you watch carefully, youll never have to pay for a drink again.

Brian brushwood claims he has invented a book test that is billions of times better than all of the expensive book tests out there. Brian brushwood, star of scam school studio interview with mike koenigs at sxsw. Again for a small run magic trick it might be unlikely. The spectator is shown one or more books, and asked to read a random passage from one of them. Read your friends minds with this easy book test miracle. Each book in the brian brushwood book test is an authentic copy of a. Brian talks about his books test which is my favorite book test hands down. My friends and i crashed the santa monica pier with jordan matter charli damelio duration. It referred to my purchase of this particular book test after a few glasses of wine before our big turkey dinner. Reasons you should drop out of school and go get the education that pays you. The show also claims to be the only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street. Each book in the brian brushwood book test is an authentic copy of a wellknown bestseller that has been diabolically altered to make possible the most stunning version of a book test. Compiled from material spanning over 200 episodes, the scam school ebooks are packed with extras, including protips from brian, embedded video demonstrations and audio commentary for every trick.

If he sells every copy as intended he will make roughly 600,000 dollars. Watch and learn things you wont find in any book or dvd. Brushwood is known for the series scam school, a show where he teaches the audience entertaining tricks at bars so they can scam a free drink. My fault for the drift to penn and teller, but i was pointing out that if brushwood is a sleeze bag, michael ammar has appeared alongside him exposing such things as the outtolunch principle. Mentalism mentalism book test explained in details. Every single element is clearly lifted from other mentalists work and brushwood claims it as his own. All the chapters are video explained and have an audio comment.

Brian brushwood is an american magician, podcaster, author, lecturer and. A stupid straw trick ep20 brian brushwood on the road. With over eighty insane tricks, scam school graduate is the most advanced magic instruction. Tags bar tricks bar tricks revealed book math test book prediction book test brian brushwood diy magic easy magic tricks how learn magic tricks magic magic secrets magic tricks magic tricks revealed pub tricks simple magic tricks social engineering society culture stupid magic stupid.

The bestselling scam school series of books returns with the single most advanced book of easy magic tricks ever created in scam school book 2. Were down to our last few units and we have no idea if or when theyll be coming back, so if youve ever wanted a rogues tavern, nows the time to get one before theyre gone. I think its important, especially in book tests, that choices be as free and fair as possible. The magician hands a book to a spectator and asks the spectator to choose any page at random. The spectator chooses a line on the chosen page, and then mentalism book test explained in details a word on the line mentalism book test explained in details to concentrate on.

Fire is jampacked with over 90 tricks from the popular web series scam school. Want vip access to every future penguin live we film. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of scam stuff and save up to 65% when making purchase at checkout. Magicwires interview with brian brushwood brian on the404 on minor adult lang. Magic tricks 2014 best easy cool magic tricks revealed how to impress the ladies. I think his book test is very strong, and hes clear about what youre paying for its not the secret so much, its the production of the gimmicked books. It would use multiple, wellknown bestsellers to choose from. Some of you may recall the post i made the day after thanksgiving. So ive been wanting to add a book test trick to my routine and wanted to ask what the best possible book test trick there is. I was definitely impressed with this book, since it perfectly expanded those youtube videos putting a huge emphasis on safety. With material spanning over 200 episodes, youll learn the very best bar scams and tricks. The books easily pass inspection before the trick begins. Im not a mentalist by any means, but i think its awesome. Book test revealed once you have this number, tell them the last digit will be the word number, and all preceding digits will be the page number.

I am not familar with this book test but it seems that it is rather. Can you give me your personal favorites and the name of the trick. Whether youre trying to impress your friends or the girl across the bar, scam school is the ultimate guide to not impressing everyone around. Think about this for a moment what would the perfect book test look like. Each book in the brian brushwood book test is an authentic copy of a wellknown bestseller that has been diabolically altered to make possible the most stunning version of a book test created to date. Explore idea lists explore showroom discover take the home style quiz. When did brian brushwood become a greedy lying thief. Also, when has it become the right thing to openly claim that. Brian is the host of scam school for discovery, and hacking the system for natgeo. Brian brushwood is the author of scam school book 1 4. Awsmm love u man hey can u do a ring and rope magic trick in public.

Brian brushwood live instant download penguin magic. Finally revealing how lior suchards perplexing magic and mental tricks are done body language duration. This question, which i feel strongly about, came up in inner thoughts and a discussion of a book test by brian brushwood. Absolutely real and popular books that can be examined and a free choice at every point make this the best book test around. How would you feel if they started making videos called book test. If harvard offered a phd in deceit, this would be it.

It would use multiple, wellknown bestsellers to choose. Meanwhile, all three books look like real books theyve read before because they are the real books theyve read before. Put your brain to the test with this psychology experiment. How would you feel if they started making videos called book test exposed as seen om scam school. They pick only one word out of multiple books, and youll already know what it is. Brian brushwood born 17 january, 1975 is an american magician, podcaster, author, lecturer, and comedian. Published on apr 2, 2017 youve probably all seen buzzfeeds worth it videos. Wmf brian brushwood when did brian brushwood become a greedy lying thief. The magic cafe forums brian brushwoods new book test. In my buzzed state the 1 2 price deal he offered at thanksgiving seemed like a nobrainer. I have since learned how to eat fire properly, and can do plenty of very impressive fire tricks using this book as an instruction. I bought this book after watching brian brushwood s youtube videos about fire eating.

If its designed to get you ahead in life, youll find it here. Theres a lot of conjecture and suppositions about brian brushwoods book test all from people who dont own it and from people whove never put their hands on one and dont know the full story of the books, what they can do and how well theyve been made. I think his book test is very strong, and hes clear about what youre paying for its not the secret so much, its the production of the. The dictionary test is a gimmicked book test that anyone can prepare using any book, but works best with dictionaries, encyclopedias, books of lists, or other texts where there is some sort of obvious first word that is called out in the text. Maybe it is time to fight fire with fire and expose his book test he sells. Book test by brian brushwood video download 9amjoh9emm9w brian brushwood book test this is it. Today, we will compare two different magic tricks, at two different price points. Brian allen brushwood born january 17, 1975 is an american magician, podcaster, author, lecturer, youtuber and comedian.

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