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The flash boss says the newest wells is a man of adventure. A week after delivering its sleepiest episode, the flash returned to form last night with its 19th hour of the season, who is harrison wells. A copycat killer known as the trickster sets off bombs in central city. Please mark all comic spoilers and future show spoilers within your comments. Arrow guest stars black canary on flash flash flash episode 19 flash spoilers flash tv show s01e19 who is harrison wells 20150402. The flash season 1 recap, episode 19, who is harrison wells. Tv episode 2015 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Not only did the season 2 premiere give us the death of ronnie raymond, which wasnt a good thing so much as an important one, but we also got to witness a return of sorts from harrison wells. As they start to think, joe decides to go with cisco to starling. Meanwhile, eddie is framed for a shooting by a shapeshifing metahuman who can take on the appearance of anyone he touches.

The flash season 4 episode 17 teases another harrison wells. The trap the team sets a trap for wells barry grant gustin, caitlin danielle panabaker, cisco carlos valdes and joe jesse l. It took 19 episodes, but we finally saw barry and eddie have a bonding. The flash season 1, episode 19 airs tonight on the cw joe and cisco head to starling city to continue their investigation of dr.

Id like to see more of a focus on police work in season two, and i. Oct 04, 2019 but whoever this new wells is, he hasnt shown up in any of the photos from the season premiere, so hope springs eternal for episode 2. Cisco, i know barrys the flash and olivers the arrow. Season 1 episode 19 of the flash was watched by 3,750,000 viewers, resulting in a 1. He activates a particle accelerator that explodes, allowing dark matter energy released to transform various people, including barry allen, into metahumans. Apr 14, 2015 following tonights awesome episode of the flash, next weeks instalment will see barry allen and company continue their investigation into the truth behind eobard thawne harrison wells.

We wont know for sure how harrison wells makes his way back to central city in season 2 of the flash, but we will begin to find out when the show returns in the fall. Eric and aaron react to the flash season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells. Barry runs to coast city to get pizza, and contemplates his suspicions, that harrison wells is the reverseflash. The first season of the american television series the flash premiered on the cw on october 7, 2014, and concluded on may 19, 2015, after airing 23 episodes. The flash has released a synopsis of episode 3 from the upcoming season 3, revealing that harrison, and his daughter jesse, will be returning to earth 1 in that episode, which will air on october 18. Barry combats a new shapeshifting foe, while joe and cisco head to starling city to discover the truth regarding harrison wells. Harrison originally lived in starling city and became a well respected yet eccentric scientist. Harrison wells earth 1 in season one, harrison wells is introduced as the founder and director of s. In an effort to stop him, barry and joe seek help from the original trickster, a criminal mastermind who has been imprisoned. While around the local area, the couple enrolls the assistance of captain lance visitor star paul blackthorne, and cisco meets the black canary visitor star katie cassidy, who approaches him for some. With grant gustin, candice patton, danielle panabaker, rick cosnett.

Critics consensus who is harrison wells withholds the promise of its title until its conclusion, otherwise providing a solid entry that agreeably spins the season s wheels. When the flash season 3 will bring harrison wells back. This article contains spoilers for the flash season 1, episode 19 theres no doubt that the flash has earned its spot in the cws dc comics universe, acquiring so much good will that even less engaging episodes can be forgiven, since its the overall mystery of nora allens murder and dr. Barry faces a new foe who can disguise himself as anyone he touches. Apr 21, 2015 the cw the flash 2014 who is harrison wells. The series is based on the dc comics character barry allen flash, a costumed superhero crimefighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds. Season 4 of arrow debuts wednesday october 7 at 8pm7 central. Reviews this weeks smallvilleinfluenced episode of the flash is a lighthearted hoot that really shows off its casts comedy chops. Apr 14, 2015 new extended promo for the flash season 1 episode 19. While joe and cisco take a road trip to starling city to find evidence confirming harrison s guilt, flash deals with everyman, a metahuman who can take the shap. Theres a bit of crossover with arrow also, with joe and cisco visiting starling city and working with both quentin and laurel. Wells is who you say he is, then everything ive done since ive set foot in star labs. This weeks episode asks the question who is harrison wells.

Joe and cisco visit starling city and ask captain lance for help with their investigation into dr. On the flash season 1 episode 19 joe and cisco travel to starling city to get some help from capt. The mystery concerning who harrison wells really is takes center stage in another solid episode of the flash. Berlanti productions, dc entertainment, warner bros. Season 2 of the flash premieres tuesday, october 6 at 8pm7 central. This time, well talk about one of the coolest heroines in dc comics, and one of the most pathetic villains in dc comics. Watch the flash season 1, episode 19 who is harrison wells while joe and cisco take a road trip to starling city to find evidence confirming harrisons guilt, flash deals with eve. At the very end of the episode, harry wells earth2 version of harrison wells takes his thinking cap to the time vault, eobard thawne reverseflash, disguised as earth 1 wells used throughout. Martin and cisco carlos valdes head to starling city to proceed with their examination of dr. Daves the flash recap of season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells. Joe and cisco go to starling city to ask quentin lance for his help investigating the site of harrison s car accident 15 years ago and determining what really happened. The flash season 6 boss teases harrison wells twist that takes show in completely opposite direction well well, wells.

The flash and his friends are ever so close to learning the truth behind harrison wells, reverseflash, and. New extended promo for the flash season 1 episode 19. Apr 22, 2015 spoilers through season 1 of the flash follow. While in town, cisco meets the black canary, who asks him. The flash season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells youtube. He was good friends with equally devoted scientists tina mcgee and fell in love with tess morgan whom he. He runs back home, where joe, cisco, caitlin and eddie are waiting. Now they know for sure and clear that harrison wells is the reverse flash and i want to see. It took 19 episodes, but we finally saw barry and eddie have a bonding moment that was almost entirely independent of the cursed love triangle. Harrison wells died 2000 was a brilliant scientist, the husband of the late tess morgan, a close friend of tina mcgee, and an identity theft victim of eobard thawnereverseflash.

That is a question that team flash of course minus wells are attempting to answer throughout this episode while at. Last weeks episode of the flash was a bit of a letdownits allstar teamup more of a distraction than anything. Martin and cisco carlos valdes head to starling city. Lance in their investigation into harrison wells and cisco meets black canary. The flash season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells.

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